“The pen is the lever that moves the world.”

The driving force behind Penscription is to maintain one of the oldest forms of communication which is writing, but not just any style of writing but writing with a fountain pen which has been around since 1883. As society’s dependency on technology continues to evolve, people are neglecting to use pen and paper to communicate. A good amount of new college students are not able to write a complete sentence without falling on “That search engine,” or spellcheck available in the preferred word processing application. Yet, we still find an affluent populous that has a desire for, and still use, fountain pens to maintain their identity when communicating with others.

The thought is there that, we, Penscription.com will end up becoming an online boutique for both pens and stationary, but that is far from what we want to be.  Our idea is to reinvigorate the use of using a pen and paper to communicate. The idea will be to provide fountain pen lovers a monthly subscription that can either be cancelled or upgraded at any time and freebies thrown into the mix.  At time of launch there will be three tiers and will grow based on market demands. Each month the customer will receive their pen, stamped envelope, and a piece of notepaper to encourage our customer to use their new pen by writing a note to the person of their choosing.


The Novice

$ 55 Monthly
  • This level is Prescriptions’ most basic subscription service. The purpose of this level is to get you acquainted with our service and the quality. Our hope is you will use this as a stepping-stone to sign up for our higher levels. Do not confuse this level for anything less than what you should expect from the higher levels.

Dipping the Ink

$ 95 Monthly
  • Dipping the Ink is ideal for our customers who are just starting with their relationship with fountain pens. This level is here to help you build your collection and help you find the type of nib and style of fountain pen you would like to use daily.


$ 165 Monthly
  • Penscriber is the ideal level for individuals who have already established a love of fountain pens. In this level you will find fountain pens from both artisans and manufactures that will be unique and will help find the pen that identifies with both your soul and mind.

Aficionado of Pens

$ 240 Monthly
  • Aficionado of Pens is a level for individuals who write with fountain pens on a daily basis and have a collection of pens they rotate through the week and are searching for unique one of a kinds pens. In this level we aim to bring you pens that you will not find in stores, these are more than likely hand made pens.

Gift those who make a mark on your life.


Perfect for the avid pen lover or the new collector just starting out.  Each month, we will send an unimaged box with a hand-selected pen from brands like Pilot, Pelikan, Conklin, Parker, and more to unpack and enjoy.  With 4 LEVELS to choose from, there is a Penscription for everyone. Get yours today!

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