Frequently Asked Questions

An agreed upon service when the customer makes an advance payment to receive a good or service in return of equal or greater retail face value.

Simply put, we are a subscription service that provides fountain pens to our service members.

We offer three levels of service.  Dipping the Ink, Penscriber, and Aficionado of Pens.  You may find more information by going to this page on our website.

We will direct you to our about us page to here a little about who we are and what we are trying to do.  But know that we are just like you. Tired of looking for the next piece.  Feeling there must be a better way to get a fountain pen. There is…

The mystery is real and worth the wait for what we are putting in the box…and see our press page.

Solid, somethings we share on our privacy policy page. But somethings we cannot share to keep our members secure.

Simply fill out this page as its hooked into anyone that has anything to do with